Jan 20, 2011


Jiji tabby cat loves milk.
Outside is snow....
"I'd like to have the warmth hot chocolate
 on which fresh cream was floated much,..."

A witch was flying in the air.
And she saw Jiji's mind.
Secretly, witch entered at a chimney to a house like Santa Claus.

A witch clapped 12 stars in an octagonal glass bottle.
Stars ran about in the inside of a bottle like a mouse.

A witch changed snow to fresh milk.
That also flowed into a bottle.
Noisiness continued for a short while.
And the inside of a bottle became quiet.

Jiji noticed sound and looked stealthily next room with a fireplace.

A glass bottle with whipped cream was on the table.
And a memo.

'Witch's whipped cream'

*Snow (1/3 bottle of heavy whipping cream)
*12 Stars ('Kompeito')
*2 drops of Brandy

(C)1990 Minako TOHGIN

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