Feb 25, 2011

How to choose scissors for 'StrawartS'

This scissors can be used for both cooking and crafts.

The scissors is a critical tool at Straw-art. 
Photo scissors is famous maker of 'Sakai'. 
(Sakai is famous at the blade of Japan.) 
I wrote a suitable  choice way of scissors for my craft.


  • Sharp cutting edge (not in appearance) 
  • Non-slip process
  • Fits for your hand (Sizes, Weight, Form)
  • 刃先も利く(尖っているという意味ではありません)
  • 滑る止め加工が施されたもの
  • 自分の手に合ったもの(サイズ・重さ・形)

*The gap is not there.

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